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i can't be your superman

found my heart in a pawn shoppe baby ♥

such a charming, beautiful exterior. . .

                              . . .but you're barely scraping by

fallen shadows dot com.
80's, adam brody, alan lee, alan rickman, american idol, amy poehler, andy serkis, beach, billy boyd, boiling points, books, boys, breakfast at tiffany's, bright eyes, caffeine, california, candy, caramel, chad michael murray, chappelle's show, chester bennington, chocolate, christmas, coffee, coldplay, coldstone, color guard, computers, conan, daniel radcliffe, dashboard confessional, dave grohl, dave matthews band, david thewlis, david wenham, disturbed, dominic monaghan, elijah wood, elves, eminem, emma watson, eyeliner, fanfic, fanlistings, fantasia, fellowship of the ring, fight club, flip flops, fran walsh, friends, goo goo dolls, goonies, grammar, green day, gym, harry potter, hobbits, horatio sanz, howard shore, i love the 80's, ian mckellen, j.k. rowling, j.r.r. tolkien, jay and silent bob, jewelry, jimmy fallon, jkr, john rhys-davies, johnny depp, karl urban, kisses, kurt cobain, linkin park, literature, little people, liv tyler, lord of the rings, lost, lotr, marching band, marshall mathers, martin and orloff, matt walsh, michael gambon, miranda otto, movies, mulan, music, new wave, new york city, nirvana, one tree hill, orlando bloom, peach rings, pedicures, peta, peter jackson, photography, photoshop, piercings, pirates of the caribbean, pizza, potc, rachel dratch, rainstorms, reading, real world, red hot chili peppers, return of the king, rifle, road rules, romeo + juliet, rupert grint, saturday night live, sean astin, shopping, skittles, sleeping, slim shady, snape, snl, socks, softball, something corporate, sour candy, starbucks, steve madden, strufoli, summer, system of a down, tanning, tetris, the apprentice, the oc, the two towers, thirteen, titanic, tom felton, tom welling, train, true love, tupac, tv, ucb, vegetarians, velvet revolver, viggo mortensen, weezer, will and grace, will ferrell