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if you're trying to stay high, you're bound to stay loww... [16 Oct 2006|10:25am]
[ mood | excited ]

I love earlyy mornings... I can wake up at a normal hour, take a long relazing shower, do my hair and makeup, have some coffee, read, chill, have a cigarette, with plenty of time to get dressed and get to my first class. It's cutee. I can't wait to have afternoon classes next semester.

I'm writing a personal narrative for writing and I haven't decided what topic I wanna use... I feel like there's so many things that I've experienced that I could turn into a good paper. It's a toss-up between my drug use in high school and how it's affected my personality, relationships, academics, and my outlook on life, or my marching band experience. I'm gonna leave it up to my teacher to decide... but I think we all know what acid man is going to pick.

I like my new haircut =) It's so much easier. And it's cute. It's been a long time since I've had decent looking hair. I can't wait to dye it.

Tomorrow I'm starting my diet. I figure the 17th is a good date :) ... I just have to start eating better, considering the food here isn't exactly the best. Some of it is to dieee for though, not gonna lie. But shoving my face all day long, as much as I love it, is starting to catch up to me. I refuse to gain the freshman fifteen. I need sneakers to work out. && I need somewhere to toss my rifle around in this cold.

If it's this freezing in mid-octobah... I can't imagine the winter. I'm scurrrred. Even though the cold weather means my burberry and new uggs and leg warmers and peat coats and gloves. =p

So you only live once, and college is that last chance to be a kid and experience the world and have the best times of your life before you have to enter the real world... right? I'm with my friends the other day, and we're talking about Europe and vacations and all that stuff... Mac says he wants to go to Amsterdam next winter and room with someone for a month... most people would hear that and say 'ohh nicee' or something along those lines... but me being impulsive and in that whole college frame of mind... I decide to go with him!
An entire month in Amsterdam... a full apartment, 2 or 3 bedrooms, full kitchen and all that... smoking, of coursee. Less than 2,000 a piece. Considering I'll almost definitely be in Spain that fall semester, I won't even have to fly. Since my parents don't want me home winter break, they'll contribute to the Dana-being-an-ocean-away fund. Especially if that means my mom can come smoke weed in Amsterdam, she'll be all for it.This isn't one of those Canada-spring-break, or Titanic-coney-island schpeals. [sp?] ... We're looking into a few apartments already. This is going to happen. I can't waiiit! Anyone that wants a week in Europe with free rooming, with the coolest person ever, and has a few hundred for the plane ticket... come visit! With new people coming to stay each week, it'll be like a whole new vacation. A monthhhh in Amsterdam. It's gonna be incredible.
some of the apts. we're looking at...Collapse )

Be jealous.

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that's what she said! [05 Oct 2006|04:54am]
[ mood | tired ]

Update =)

Hope everyone is well <33 I feel like I know nothing about anyone these days, I'm totally out of the loop... and it's not like I don't care. I wish I could still be around for everyone. Some people back home are going through some really rough shit and it sucks that I can't be there to support them. It makes me feel all the more guilty for having such a good time here. I do care, tremendously. I don't love anyone less since I've left... if anything, distance makes the heart grow fonder.
I'm so corny.

My tooth situation is out of control, Jared's dad can't even do the root canal, I need a special surgeon here at Stony. So 3 weeks and a vicodin prescription later, I'm still in lots and lots of pain... but all I can do is wait, I guess. Putting off the root canal is a good thing, I suppose. I'm SO SO SO scareddd. =/ I hate dentists. Minus Dr. J-skin, of course. Loveee.

My roommate thing isn't being solved either, my RHD is the world's biggest lying sack of shit and I want to choke her. Or at least GET A NEW ROOM. Orrrr at least see my roommate get written up for illegal guests and chain smoking in the room and all those other rules she breaks while they know it's not me, who hasn't walked in there in a month. Ugh. I love it here in ghetto greelizzle, but I wish I had my own bed sometimes.

Tonight's not one of them. I have the room to myself now anyway, which is fun since it's so rare. Before my boys came here on their scavenger hunt for the "frisbee team" *cough*, shirts and ties and dress pants and all, searching for purple bras and bamboo sticks and cambodian breast milk and all that fun stuff. They're intense. I took one [off] for the team, lol, I love them and I'm crazy excited for 'em. This room is so much fun sometimes. Now I feel like the mommy again, waiting up for Joe, god knows what they're doing and I won't sleep until he's back.

The last few weeks have been such a roller coaster. Frat parties and late-night hospital runs, room pranks and football game parties, 'bear attacks' and pillow fights, beerpong and world of warcraft, nerf guns and kings, pirates and piggy back races, quitting smoking and extended fasting, brand new cover concerts and guitar hero shows, super smash tournaments and flipcup, with lots of drama thrown into the mix. I'm loving every minute of it, and everyone around me. Things could be better, but can't they always? For once, I have no complaints.

I got an email of riverdance photo orders today, and I started thinking about marching band and how much I miss them. Getting to visit is always a good time, but the real thrill of band is the bus rides and the night performances and the frostbite in the stands and the cowbell. I'll never get those moments back. I miss those kiddies so much, that experience meant the world to me. I hear there's drama, but what else is new. Appreciate it for what it is, especially you lovely seniors, because it's over in a few weeks and you'll never get it back. You know how awesome it can be! Just relax a little, have a better attitude, and give everyone else an open mind and a helping hand. Don't let the small things get to you, you're only ruining it for yourself.

Last weekend was SO good, justttt like old times. It's weird, I don't sit around consciously missing my friends, but every now and then a 9:17 on the clock or seeing chewy on the floor or a sweet&low packet or the smell of a vanilla dutch makes me wish, not that I was back in the past, but that I could share my happy new life with the people I used to spend every day with. It's nice to have those memories though, and life goes on, but then reuniting with them was all the more fun. Exchanging beer pong rules and drunk stories and observing everyone's new looks and all the while acting like nothing had ever changed. Granted it's only been a little more than a month, it's a huge change and a lot of miles and an insane adjustment. But going home I felt just as close to all my favorite people as I ever was, I hope it stays like that. Brian keeps saying that he's never coming back. I hope he rethinks that. I appreciate home, and you make the best of it, and it's a good thing.

So my tooth hurts but my uggs make up for it. My classes are annoying but at least I'm going to them. My friends are just cuties, they're all making me proud. Life is gooooood. As soon as the room situation is solved I'll let the world know... I CAN"T WAIT to have visitors!!! =))))

my computer has a MAJOR virus... !!! *cries*Collapse )

PS: I can't decide on a Hallowizzle costume... ideas?

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shaniqua has weiiird taste in music.... [20 Sep 2006|10:14am]
i should be in class.Collapse )
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I SENT YOU A FUCKING TEXT MESSAGE. [16 Sep 2006|03:03am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

YAY. I'm homeeeeeeee. I've never been so happy in my house. I missed it.

Soo... hello world! =D I don't feel as excommunicated from Oceanside now, which is a pleasant change. You know, I am a supercool college girl now...

Stony is the best thing that's ever happened to me besides Red Bull. My killa kella crew consists of the ten most awesome people ever, and I love them all to death already. Well half of us are living in Greelizzle, which I'm loving. My boys Jared and Joe, aka Forskin or J-dawg and Joe Dirt, are the best rommates ever... even if they let me sleep through my classes sometimes. There's nobody in the world I'd rather clean and do laundry for or wake up hungover with. Loving them for letting me move in. Hah. So we're either party animals or total bums and either way have the most fun in the world. There's Crunk and my Cloniee and Link, the hubby, my girls Mo and Jackie, aka Wino, 'Hey it's rob with the long tongue' aka Kissss, and Chris, you must not know who the fuckk he is.. he's the juggernaut bitch! We're soo close, we have enough inside jokes already to flood my el-jay for pages, and this half day without them is just insanity. It's amazing, I wanna stay there foreverrrrr.

The campus is beautiful and my classes are all pretty sickk. Frat parties overflowing with beer, cute boys at every turn that want nothing else in the world but to talk to you, decent food that's free, pranking rooms, marriage proposals at taco bell, constant fun. College is the best invention ever.

I haven't taken my own pictures yet 'cause my camera is a piece but Katie my love took a few and I have some phone pics... hotties!Collapse )

So I'm home until Sunday, motherfuckers! Pick upa  phoneeee. Imma visit the band dorks at practice tomorrow, and I'll be around if anyone wants to say hiii. :) I am SO happy to be homeee.

Night world ♥

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[15 Aug 2006|07:10am]
I've finally grown up a little and learned from it all and starting moving on. I found the sweetest, cutest, dorkiest, most sincere and crazy awesome kid ever. I'm smiling again. ...and now he's leaving after only a week and I feel even lonlier than before. Figures.

College sucks.
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